Even when it can save you tons of money on your utilities, it’s always smart to get a handle on the latest technology before you purchase it. To help you make the best decisions for your next water heater and help you understand the newest options a bit better, we’ll explain what you should know about hybrid water heaters below.

1. Hybrid Water Heaters Combine Tankless and Tanked Heating

You might be familiar with both tank-style water heaters and tankless water heaters. The kinds with tanks heat the water in the tank at all times and sends it out as you demand it, while tankless water heaters don’t store hot water. Instead, they heat water as it goes through the pipes.

Hybrid water heaters combine both. They use heat pump technology to heat the water as it runs through the pipes, which can help deliver you hot water for longer. But, when you demand more warm water than it can produce this way, it can switch over to its reserve in the tank. Usually, that reserved water is heated by an electrical heating element, not the heat pump system, but this differs across different heat pumps.

2. Californians Can Get a Rebate on Hybrid Water Heaters

But you should definitely arrange for the rebate before you pay for the water heater or its installation! If you live in California, you can potentially take advantage of the state’s Hybrid Water Heater Rebate Program and save thousands of dollars. You should apply before you pay, so you can be sure your water heater is covered and your application accepted before you fork over the money for the unit. Your plumber should be able to help you understand if your water heater is likely to be covered.

3. Heat Pump Technology is like a Reverse Fridge

Do you know how a fridge takes heat out of its compartment and radiates it out of its back? The heat pump technology behind these water heaters does the same thing, in reverse. It collects heat from the air or the ground and puts it into the water. This is the secret behind hybrid water heaters that makes them so much more energy efficient than gas or electric options. It’s much more effective to move heat than to generate it, especially in our hot climate in California.

4. It’s About More Than Energy Efficiency

Choosing a hybrid water heater will help you save money on your utility bills by lowering the overall energy consumption of your household. However, that is far from the only benefit you’ll get from installing a hybrid water heater. Other benefits include:

  • Built-in vacation mode
  • Simple touch screen controls
  • Electric-only mode for high consumption
  • Quiet mode
  • Much more

If you’re sold on hybrid water heaters, and you live in California, reach out to us before you make your purchase. We can help you make sure you’re choosing the right model for you and that you’re getting the rebate.

Here’s my personal promise to you: When you call or schedule an on-site estimate, there will be no pressure. No obligation. We will not sell you a water heater you don’t need or want.

Thanks for letting us be your trusted plumber.

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Phil Barnett
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