Cutting carbon emissions and lowering the stress on the energy grid are both big priorities for California, and you can benefit from both. California has reinvested in its incentive program, this time offering homeowners rebates on investing in hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters use much less energy generating the same amount of hot water as other kinds of water heaters, and now you can get them at a much lower price thanks to these rebates. Learn more about the program below.

What Can I Get from the Program?

Potentially, thousands of dollars in just up-front costs are up for grabs through this rebate program. The exact amount that you can get in a rebate depends on your family income. Your typical, middle class family can get roughly $3,800 through the rebate program towards the cost of their hybrid water heater. Lower income families may receive up to $4,885.

Those costs can lower the price of your water heater significantly, but don’t forget about the monthly savings you will benefit from. Hybrid water heaters move heat instead of generating it, using much less energy to raise the same amount of water to the same temperature. They also preheat water during off-peak hours, which means that you pay less for the energy they use at this time.

The Impact of the Program

How does the Hybrid Water Heater Rebate Program fit in with California’s environmental goals? Every year roughly 800,000 water heaters are replaced in the state. If a large portion of these can be hybrid water heaters, then we can lower the amount of energy we use substantially, which helps relieve stress on the energy grid and help us make more sustainable choices.

It is important to lower the upfront cost of hybrid water heaters to be comparable with gas heaters because most people who replace their water heaters do so in an emergency. You may feel like you don’t have the time to research the different options available to you, and certainly may not have the cash to make a big purchase.

Advantages of Hybrid Water Heaters

The rebate program isn’t the only reason to invest in a hybrid water heater. We install only the AeroTherm® Series water heaters, which are currently eligible for the rebate program. These well-designed hybrid water heaters have many benefits, including:

  • Smart control panel: You get the digital controls that you expect from modern appliances with the touch screen on this hybrid water heater.
  • Vacation mode: Turn on vacation mode to automatically save money on hot water while you’re not home.
  • Quieter operation: Switch over to the electric operation of your water heater and it will be even quieter—although the typical operation is pretty quiet too.
  • Fast recovery: Hybrid water heaters can use their electric mode to provide even faster recovery if you need very high volumes of hot water for some reason (like you have guests.)

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