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Water Heater Repair & Installation in Livermore, CA

Today, it is difficult to live without a functional water heater in your home or business, but fortunately, our company offers professional water heater replacement in Livermore. Customers can contact our team of Livermore water heater professionals at (925) 438-6326 or stop by our business located at 780 East Airway Blvd. Livermore, CA 94551. With an inspection from one of our expert plumbers, we can determine if your commercial or residential property needs a water heater repair in Livermore or if the appliance is beyond a repair. Contact the Phil Barnett Plumbing team today!

Affordable Water Heater Replacement In Livermore, CA

You might worry about the cost of installing a water heater, but at Phil Barnett Plumbing, we offer affordable prices, fully trained technicians and a two-year workmanship warranty. The signs of having a water heater problem include seeing drops of moisture underneath the appliance or along the wall. If the pilot light has turned off, then it must be lit correctly to heat the water in the holding tank. When a water heater is making odd noises or has a strange odor, it is a good idea to call us for an inspection. Customers can contact us to inspect a building to determine what type of water heater is required, and we can provide an estimate for a Livermore water heater replacement.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to jump in the shower, expecting to take a hot shower, and nothing but cold, rusty water comes out. For moments like that pick up the phone can call the Phil Barnett plumbing team of Livermore. With more than a decade of experience, Phil Barnett Plumbing is the go-to team for Livermore water heaters. Contact today!

Common Water Heater Problems and Livermore Water Heater Repair

A water heater can last decades when it is maintained properly. Even with proper maintenance appliances can develop problems with one or more of its components. Some common problems our team of Livermore water heater maintenance professionals comes across most often include:

  • Pilot lighting system
  • Debris inside of the tank
  • Rust inside of the tank
  • Thermostat, valves and other mechanical issues

Most of these issues can be resolved with general maintenance throughout the lifespan of the water heater. If you are experiencing any water heater issues, contact the Phil Barnett team for reliable water heater repair in Livermore. Working on a water heater is a complicated process, and it is also dangerous because this appliance has electrical wires or a connection to natural gas.

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