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Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Livermore, CA

At Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters, we know reliable access to hot water is key for your comfort. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive water heater installation and replacement for Livermore residents.

Whether you need a water heater for a new build or are ready to update your unit, our team provides high-quality products and an unparalleled level of expertise. For both traditional and tankless options, trust the Tri-Valley residential water heater specialists.

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Common Reasons To Replace Your Water Heater

Most water heaters should be replaced after 10 years. However, there are also signs that your system is failing and should be replaced. These include:

  • Leaks: If you see water around your tank or on the floor, you may have a leak due to years of constant expansion and contraction of the metal. If left unaddressed, these water heater leaks can lead to serious water damage in your home.
  • Rust: Water constantly running through your pipes can eventually create rust. Though rust in your water isn’t dangerous for your health, it’s a sign that your system is no longer functioning properly.
  • Cold water: If you run the hot tap for a long period of time and still don’t get any hot water, you may have a broken heating element. This can also be a sign that your tank is too small for your house size and your hot water demand.
  • Strange noises: From rumbling to knocking, odd noises can indicate sediment buildup. This hard sediment can move around your tank and create serious wear and tear.

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The average lifespan of a water heater is 8-12 years

What’s the Difference Between Traditional & Tankless Water Heaters?

When it comes to selecting a new water heater, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase a traditional heater or a tankless model. Our expert team is skilled at performing tankless and traditional water heater installations, so you can rely on us for your replacement needs. Here is a look at the two options to give you an idea of what would work best for your home:

Traditional Water Heaters

Traditional water heaters are typically large cylinder tanks that can hold 30 to 75 gallons of water or more. The tank stores and heats the water, keeping it insulated until it is ready for use. For this reason, traditional water heaters are a reliable choice when you need a consistent hot water supply in your home.

In addition, these water heaters have a lower initial cost than tankless systems. They are also easier and quicker to install since they don’t require complicated connections and have fewer parts. Our experienced technicians can conduct a water heater replacement quickly and effectively without hassle.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters differ from traditional units in design and operation. These water heaters are compact and are typically installed inside walls. Unlike traditional systems, they work by heating water as it passes through instead of heating and storing it in a tank. As a result, hot water might take longer to reach your faucets, as these units require some time to ensure proper heating.

These water heaters may have higher initial costs but they provide excellent energy efficiency, save space, and last long.

How Do I Choose a New Water Heater?

The appropriate size largely depends on the number of people in your household and your peak hot water demand. The best way to determine this is to consider the time of day when you use the most hot water.

For many families, this is in the morning when people are showering and getting ready. This Energy Saver worksheet can help you determine the best water heater size for your needs.

Regarding traditional water heaters, 40- and 50-gallon tanks are a popular choice for most households with around 3 to 5 people. These tanks hold enough water to meet the hot water demands of those family sizes.

Aside from the size, other considerations you need to make for your hot water heater replacement include:

  • Length of warranty
  • Anti-scale devices that reduce mineral scale
  • Brass drain valves that are more durable than plastic
  • Glass-lined tanks to reduce corrosion

Water Heater Brands We Install

Our expert technicians are skilled at installing various types of water heaters from leading manufacturers. We work with trusted brands known for high-quality water heaters that provide excellent performance, efficiency, and longevity. Some of the brands we install include:

Bradford White Water Heaters

We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products. That’s why we offer Bradford White water heater installation. These systems have the best balance of reliable performance, long life spans, and generous warranties.

These top-of-the-line units offer superior features, including:

  • Steel water heater straps & bracing
  • High-density water heater pan
  • All-brass, quarter-turn, cold water shutoff
  • T&P run to exterior wall (includes first 5′)
  • Quarter-turn gas shut-off valve
  • Stainless steel flexible water heater supply lines
  • Flexible gas supply line
  • Thermal expansion tank


With the company having over 100 years in the industry, Rheem water heaters have become synonymous with durability, quality, and efficiency. Rheem has a wide variety of water heater models to suit any application, including traditional, hybrid, heat pump, and tankless units.

A.O. Smith

A.O. Smith is another major water heater brand we install, offering reliable performance and energy efficiency. All A.O. Smith water heaters, from gas tank systems to hybrid heat pumps, are ENERGY STAR®-certified and undergo rigorous testing to ensure the best quality and endurance.


Rinnai is a trusted brand for tankless water heaters. They offer a range of high-efficiency models that fit homes of various sizes and setups. With our Rinnai water heater installation, you can benefit from durability and industry-leading warranties.

Choose Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters for Water Heater Installation & Replacement

When you need superior electric or gas water heater replacement, trust Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters.

We offer our customers peace of mind with our high-quality services and products, and with our fully stocked trucks and knowledgeable experts, we’ll get the job done efficiently to get your hot water running fast.

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How long do water heaters last?

This depends on the type of water heater you have. A traditional tank water heater may last 10 to 15 years while a tankless option can last 15 to 20.

How can I keep my water heater running as long as possible?

To help extend the life span of your unit, schedule professional maintenance regularly and call immediately if you notice issues to get help and repairs before a minor problem becomes a serious issue.

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If you need an assessment, a repair or a replacement water heater, it’s best to schedule reliable service immediately before the problem worsens and becomes more costly. Our experienced technicians are happy to evaluate your unit, make recommendations for improvement and provide you with a free estimate. Contact us online or call 925-492-7672 today to get started.