Your water heater is protected between Bradford White’s & Barnett’s warranties!

If you are anything like me, when you are asked about purchasing an extended warranty, you say “no.” Why would you buy a 2-year warranty on a $20 toaster or a cheap pair of wireless headphones that your kids will lose within the month?!

Either companies should make quality products that will stand the test of time or include a worthwhile warranty with purchase.

Most major appliance purchases come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty. They usually cover defective parts for a year. Then, the manufacturer “offers you the opportunity” to buy an extended warranty.

You shouldn’t have to buy a warranty so that the product you purchased works! It should just work. That’s why you are spending money on it. Geez!

We only install Bradford White water heaters at Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters because they share our commitment to high-quality materials and workmanship. They have been manufactured right here in the USA for nearly 100 years. They offer generous warranties because their products are built to last.

Average Cost of Repair

HomeAdvisor says the national average cost to repair a water heater is between $218 and $954. For Tri-Valley homeowners, the average is $672. That’s a big chunk of change to shell out at a moment’s notice.

The good news is that we rarely have to repair Bradford White water heaters during the warranty window. But on those few occasions when we needed to repair, their generous warranty turned what could’ve been a painful expense into a mild inconvenience. We can almost always complete the repair the same day you call.

Gas Water Heater Warranty

Bradford White’s standard tank-style water heaters are built to last 7 to 10 years. They come with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty for tanks and parts. And when certified Bradford White contractors install your water heater (which we are), the plumbing company handles the claims and repairs!
High-Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater Warranty
The average life span of a high-efficiency hybrid water heater is even higher: 10 to 15 years!

Bradford White hybrid water heaters come with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for tanks and parts.

Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters’ Warranty

Your water heater’s success (or failure) includes more than just the Bradford White unit. There’s also the issue of how it was installed and the quality of parts used to connect it to your home.

At Barnett, we invest a solid year of education and training in our technicians. They are fantastic at their work, and their trucks are stocked only with high-quality parts and materials.

Because we don’t cut corners, we automatically include our own 6-year warranty that covers the labor if the tank or a part fails. This is in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty on the water heater. In the first six years, if something goes wrong with a water heater installed by Barnett, you will not pay a penny in parts or labor. We also offer an upgraded policy if you want 10 years of peace of mind.

Most installers in the Tri-Valley don’t provide a warranty like this at no additional cost. It’s one of the reasons so many people trust Barnett Plumbing & Waters Heaters. We only install products we stand behind, and we stand behind the products we install. That’s some heavy-duty peace of mind!

We recently compared Bradford White’s quality products and stellar warranties. Read more about their warranties and our $ 100-a-day hot water promise.

Are you wondering about your water heater?

If your curiosity hasn’t gotten the better of you, look at the sticker on your water heater and figure out how old it is. If it’s a standard gas, tank-style water heater, it’s only expected to last 7 to 10 years.

If your water heater is more than seven years old, even the most generous standard warranty has likely expired, and you should start planning for its replacement now.

Call us at (925) 438-6326 when that day comes. Our fast, friendly, follow-through pros are driving around town in big yellow trucks. We’ll come to you, assess your situation, and provide a detailed estimate (this on-site evaluation and assessment is free). Since our trucks are fully stocked, the tech will almost certainly be able to repair or replace your water heater right then.

Here’s my personal promise to you: When you call or schedule an on-site estimate, there will be no pressure. No obligation. We will not sell you a water heater you don’t need or want.
Questions? Give us a call at (925) 438-6326.
Thanks for letting us be your trusted plumber.