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Look to Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters when you need water heater services in the Tri-Valley area. We provide gas and electric water heater repair for residential properties in Livermore and beyond. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art tools and expertise to ensure you always have access to hot water in your home.

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Our Comprehensive Water Heater Repairs

We have extensive experience repairing various traditional water tank models as well as tankless and heat pump water heaters. We work with a range of trusted water heater brands, including Bradford White, Rheem, A.O. Smith, American Standard, and more. Regardless of your tank’s model or brand, our team can handle the job.

When you have a faulty gas or electrical water heater, our trained technicians can assess your system and identify the source of the issue. We come with a fully stocked truck to conduct the necessary water heater tank repair efficiently and effectively. We can even complete our hot water heater repair service on the same day.

Gas Water Heater Repair

Whether your water heater tank runs on propane or natural gas, these systems offer reliable and consistent performance. However, your gas water heater can develop issues without the proper upkeep and maintenance. That’s where we come in. Whenever a problem arises with your water, our team can help. We are skilled at handling all kinds of gas water heater repairs, including:

  • Faulty gas connections
  • A bad pilot light
  • Burner issues
  • Low gas pressure
  • Loose parts
  • Temperature and pressure-relief valve issues
  • Ignition or combustion problems

Electric Water Heater Repair

Electric water heaters efficiently heat the water in your home. When there is a problem with your system, your hot water supply can be disrupted, so it needs to be addressed immediately. Our skilled technicians specialize in electric water heater tanks and can repair any issues you may have, including:

  • Broken thermostats
  • Breaks in the wiring
  • Power supply wiring problems
  • Blown fuses
  • Temperature and pressure-relief valve issues
  • Broken heating elements
  • Tripped circuit breakers

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Water Inspection

Best Ways To Prevent Future Water Heater Repairs

The best way to avoid the inconvenience of water heater issues is with proper system maintenance. At Barnett Plumbing, we offer expert water heater maintenance to help you prevent system breakdowns, costly repairs, and water damage.

A few things you can do to maintain your water heater include:

  • Flushing the system annually
  • Having the unit properly insulated
  • Checking for rust around the pipes
  • Checking the pressure release valve
  • Calling a professional at the first sign of damage

Whether you need a water heater repair or a total water heater installation, Barnett Plumbing is here for you.

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Why Choose Barnett Plumbing for Water Heater Repair?

At Barnett Plumbing, we are reliable water heater specialists who have been providing residents with top-notch services since 2005. When you entrust us with your water heater tank repair, you can benefit from:

  • Expert technicians: Our technicians are trained to work with various kinds of gas and electric water heater tanks from all major brands. Whether you need Bradford White water heater repairs or maintenance for your Rheem unit, we have the expertise to get the job done right.
  • An efficient repair service: Our team is fully equipped to diagnose any issues you have with your system quickly and address them efficiently. We always strive to ensure you get your hot water running as soon as possible.
  • High-quality materials: When conducting a hot water heater repair service, we only use quality replacement parts. Some of the parts we use from leading brands are backed by industry-leading warranties.

Call the Water Heater Experts for Repairs in Livermore, CA

Since 2005, Barnett Plumbing has been a go-to choice for Livermore homeowners when they need water heater repairs. Our team works tirelessly to resolve any and all plumbing issues for our customers. When you need electric or gas water heater repair, look to us for upfront pricing and expert service for all brands.

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How Do I Know If I Need Water Heater Repair?

  • No hot water: When your system fails, it won’t heat the water, leaving you with cold water from every faucet.
  • Low water pressure: If you start to notice low water pressure from your hot water faucets throughout the home, it may be a sign that your system has sediment buildup and needs to be serviced.
  • Water around the water heater: If your system has water around the unit, there’s a leak somewhere and it needs to be sealed.
  • Odd sounds from the water heater: Hissing and popping noises are a sure sign that the system is struggling to fill with water or heat the water.
  • High energy bills: A struggling water heater will use more energy, driving up your bills.

Should I repair or replace my water heater?

Some water heater problems can be fixed while others can’t. Our team can look over your water heater to determine if water heater installation is the best choice or if a repair can be done. You can read more on our blog covering water heater replacement vs repair.

How often should I flush my water heater?

Experts say that flushing a water heater annually can help keep the unit working efficiently. A professional plumber can handle the water heater maintenance you need to prevent issues.

What should I do if my water heater is leaking?

When you notice a water heater leak, it’s vital to call a pro for help. Even a small leak could lead to a major problem, like mold or water damage in your home.