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High Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

It’s good for your wallet and the planet too

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Your gas or electric bill is higher than it should be because traditional water heaters are inefficient. With a standard system, you’re spending more money making water hot than you are on cooking and refrigeration combined!

And it’s creating unnecessary CO2 while doing it.

There has to be a better solution.



In these systems, most of the heating is done by the heat pump. Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to move heat instead of generate it.

High Efficiency Heat Pump Water Heaters pull heat from the surrounding air and transfer it (at a higher temperature) to the storage tank. Think of it a bit like a refrigerator in reverse.

These hybrid systems are 2–4 times more efficient than either electric or gas-powered water heaters.

Up to $4,000 in Rebates

After rebates, the total cost to you will be about the same as a standard gas water heater. We even fill out all of the rebate paperwork for you.

Monthly Savings

If you’re replacing a natural gas water heater, you can expect to save $180 every year (for a family of 4). If you’re switching from electric, the savings are higher yet.

Good for the Planet

Switching to a heat pump system means you immediately reduce the pollution created by burning fossil fuels and reduces the strain on the electric grid.


“From my perspective, Barnett did a seamless and carefree installation of a new hybrid (heat-pump/electric) water heater for me today. They were very professional, and both the estimator and installer were willing and able to answer my questions and both quite friendly. I also especially like the fact that they are going to handle all the paperwork for the extensive rebates that my system qualifies for right now.”

-Doug M.


1. Call us at (925) 315-5872.

We’ll answer your questions about the system and the rebates.

2. Schedule your installation.

We’ll assess your setup and install your system in a way that means you don’t have to go a day without hot water. We even fill out all of the rebate paperwork for you!

3. Save money every month.

Open your next utility bill and enjoy paying less — while also enjoying your hot water and helping the planet. Win, win, win!


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About Heat Pump Water Heaters and California Rebates

The optimal location for a heat pump water heater is in the garage. A heat pump water heater can be installed pretty much anywhere there is space but the installation can be quite invasive if the water heater is not in the garage.

Nearly every area in California has rebates for converting to a heat pump water heater, but the Bay Area has some of the highest amounts available in the state.

Whether you have a gas or electric system, a heat pump water heater is a great option. Either way, you will save money, but in different ways. If your current system is gas, you will get more rebate money. If your current system is electric, you won’t get as much rebate money, but you won’t have to spend on running a new electrical line. Whether you have gas or electric you are going to be saving on your energy bill every month if you switch to a hybrid water heater.

Yes, but the rebate amount for the second water heater will be slightly less.

People who have solar are excellent candidates for a heat pump water heater. Having solar is the best way to maximize your savings.

Since a hybrid water heater is electric and not gas it produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. These water heaters are also the most efficient units on the market so they use less electricity and put less strain on the electrical grid than any other water heating option.

There are many factors that determine how much you will save. The bigger your household is, the more you use your hot water heater the more you will save each month. If you have solar then the savings increase dramatically.

No. The most popular water heater brands, such as Bradford White, are built with the heat pump inside of the unit. This is why the optimal location for installation is in the garage, where there is plenty of ventilation.

You can always switch to a heat pump water heater down the road but the rebates are here for a limited time. It’s never too early to start saving money on your monthly energy bill.

No you will not. Currently we are the only contractor in California that can offer a free temporary water heater that will get you hot water immediately thanks to a grant we were awarded by the TECH Clean California Quick Start Grant Program.

The average lifespan is 10 – 12 years, which is relatively similar to any other water heater on the market. However, a hybrid water heater comes with a 10 year warranty standard which is 4 years longer than a standard gas water heater.

In most cases, the cost for the purchase and installation of a High Efficiency system after rebates is within a few hundred dollars of a standard gas water heater.

There is no deadline, but there is only a finite amount of money set aside for this program. Once the money starts running out, the rebate amounts will be reduced and eventually eliminated entirely. Funding is only budgeted to last the year. Whether funding will be renewed after that is unknown.

Installing a heat pump water heater at your residence is still a good option. The rebate amount will be less since homeowners must have both gas and electric provided by their utility company in order to receive the full amount.

Yes. It may be confusing, but a lot of contractors just use these terms interchangeably.

Phil Barnett

Here’s my personal promise to you: When you call or schedule an on-site estimate, there will be no pressure. No obligation. We will not sell you a water heater you don’t need or want.

Thanks for letting us be your trusted plumber.

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