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Customer Service Representative

Do you like solving real-life problems? Do you ask good questions so you can make helpful recommendations? Would you enjoy providing support and keeping track of moving pieces for a busy, high-performing team?

Our growing company needs to add another Customer Service Representative to our team.

A large part of your job will be to answer the phone and talk with homeowners who have a plumbing problem (or want to prevent one). Sometimes customers are just doing research, and you’ll need to be able to answer their questions (we’ll educate you; you don’t have to be a plumber or plumbing expert to apply). Often, you’ll need to match up that customer with a plumber or technician who can drive to their home that day and solve their problem.

If you’re local to the Tri-Valley area, you may have seen our big, yellow trucks driving around town. They’re fully stocked and the crews are fully trained. Some jobs are prescheduled, but some phone calls are legitimate plumbing emergencies. You’ll help our crews know where to go and when so they can solve as many problems or perform as many estimates as efficiently as possible.

As part of your job, you will:

  • Answer the phone in a way that’s friendly and professional

  • Compassionately reassure concerned customers

  • Gather accurate information from customers

  • Return calls and texts quickly and accurately

  • Record all customer interactions in Service Titan (software)

  • Match up homeowners with a field technician who can solve their problem quickly

That sounds like a lot (and it is), but you won’t be expected to do all of that right away. In fact, you don’t need any plumbing experience in order to apply for this position. The training for CSRs takes a year (keep reading; there’s a whole section below on the skills you’ll use every day and the timeline for acquiring them). Even after that first year, you’ll learn new skills — we all do, so we can serve more customers and grow the business by double-digit percentages every year.

The people who love this job and do well in this position are:

Positive, team players and excellent communicators. You need to have strong interpersonal skills and care about our team’s success. We’re going to spend all day together, so we’re looking for decent, kind human beings who help each other win. We’re a healthy, high-performing team. (Have you ever worked on one of those? It’s a lot of fun!) If you bring drama to work every day, talk more than you listen, like problems more than solutions, or are generally selfish, you’re not a good fit for our team. Here’s an example of our solutions-based communication style that we use with customers and each other: List, Empathize, Ask, Paraphrase and Summarize. We are really intentional in the ways we interact with each other and our customers.

Even-tempered. Can you stay calm in the face of concerned customers (no homeowner likes dealing with a plumbing problem), demonstrate emotional intelligence, think before reacting in tough situations, change priorities quickly, adapt to the unexpected, make another pot of coffee without complaining? Everything is better when we manage our stress, stay flexible, and maintain an encouraging attitude (we’ve got some benefits that help with this).

Multi-taskers who are eager to help people. The majority of your day will be spent solving problems, often many at once. The phones ring, the text messages fly, the software sends you notifications. There are a lot of moving parts. You’re going to need some strong organizational skills, be able to prioritize multiple tasks, and pay attention to the details. And, you need to maintain a natural, caring attitude toward others in the middle of all of that. If you love the rush you get from helping people out of a tough spot… If you enjoy the challenge of “making it all work out,” you’re going to do great!

What you’ll do every day (and how quickly you need to be good at it):

In the first 30–60 days and ongoing:

  • Meet and begin building relationships with the Leadership Team, Estimator, Field Operations Manager, other CSRs and Field Technicians.

  • Learn to use the Service Titan software to: schedule customers, answer and make outbound calls, create a new customer profile, schedule calls, text message customers and Field Technicians, and navigate to customer and job pages.

  • Gain knowledge of the types of plumbing jobs that Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters specializes in, e.g.: water heater installation and repair, cleanout installation.

  • By 60 days, show an understanding of common talking points and expanded plumbing knowledge, reviewing Google Documents regularly when there are no active customer calls. When there are gaps in your knowledge, you research and find answers to new questions so you can serve customers better.

Within the 3rd month and ongoing:

  • Show more efficiency in customer intake calls, ask fewer questions to confirm your understanding. Example: Customer intake calls that took 15 minutes at 30 days, now take 7–8 minutes.

  • By 90 days, you’ll have completed the classroom phase of Water Heater class and demonstrate your understanding of the different types of water heaters, how they work, and which are most appropriate for different applications.

  • Feel comfortable going to the Field Operations Manager and other CSRs with questions about customer questions/complaints.

Within the 6th month and ongoing:

  • Answer scheduling questions and review the schedule booked by the CSR team to ensure efficiency, taking into account all important factors: location, ability of Technician, length of job, customer’s requests.

  • Effectively schedule and coordinate the logistics for 15–20 customers every day.

  • Achieves independence in the role and is a valued CSR team member. You show good judgment and are caring and empathetic when dealing with customers.

12th month and ongoing:

  • Continue to read or listen to new books (usually selected by the leadership team) to develop your empathy and communication skills.

  • Proactively follow up on incoming customer calls when a call back is necessary.

  • Handle calls and texts received from the answering service to ensure customers get the correct information quickly or get help scheduling a new job.

  • Have gained a 2nd-level knowledge of plumbing and are demonstrating your willingness to expand your plumbing knowledge and skills.

Education, Skills & Experience:

  • 2+ years in a customer service position is preferred.

  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent is required.

  • Bachelor’s degree (Business, Marketing, Communications) is a plus.

  • Retail experience in a customer-facing role is a plus.

  • Demonstrated experience with Service Titan software or similar Field Service Management software system is a plus.

  • Intermediate proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel a plus.

  • Experience dispatching/scheduling trade personnel is a plus.

  • Ability to type a minimum of 40 wpm is required.

Who is Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters:

We are fast, friendly, follow-through pros who fix (or prevent) plumbing problems for Tri-Valley homeowners. All customers deserve high-quality service and top-rated products. That’s what we deliver. We come to the rescue for over 5,000 plumbing issues every year. We get it done with a team of 21: 9 in the office and 12 in the field/warehouse. Those numbers are only increasing. The future of Barnett and our employees is strong!

What’s important to us:

Family time! We pride ourselves on work-life balance and giving you the flexibility to spend more time with the family. Some of our Field Technicians work one Saturday a month, but most positions are Monday–Friday with no excessive or spontaneous overtime required. We also work hard to create a healthy atmosphere at work. We don’t want you to be worn out when you leave. Yes, you spend the day working hard to solve problems, support your co-workers, and make customers happy, but your work doesn’t take the best out of you. There’s enough “you” left at 5 o’clock that you can go home and have energy for the people and things you care about.

Professional and personal growth for all employees. Training is emphasized and personal development is always a priority — including for the leadership team. We want everyone to have the relationship skills needed to be successful on the job (and that you can use to strengthen your relationship with friends and family).

Being drama-free, high-performing, and generous. We know what it’s like to work hard at a job but not be appreciated or supported. We’ve had jobs where we had to deal with toxic bosses, crushing to-do lists, rude customers… Nope. That’s not what it’s like at Barnett. We’ve built the company that we want to work for: growing, performance-driven, and supportive.

What is the compensation:

This position is hourly, at $20–$30 per hour, based on your education, skills, and experience. You’ll work Monday–Friday, from 7:45am–5 p.m. with a 30-minute lunch. The 45 minutes of overtime every day will be paid at time and a half. This position includes full benefits, which take effect after a 90-day probation period. A more detailed description will be provided if you are called for an interview.

What are the benefits:

Full Health Coverage, Dental & Vision Insurance, 401K with company match, PTO and 7 Paid Holidays, Parental Leave, and Employee Care Program with 24/7 access to Marketplace Chaplains, Counseling, and Chiropractic benefits.

What happens next:

A white number one is on a yellow background

You click the “Apply” button
The application process starts online (no phone calls or office visits). Your application will be reviewed, and, if we’re interested, you’ll be contacted for a phone interview.

A white number two is on a yellow background

You attend an in-person interview
If the phone screening goes well, you’ll be asked to come to our office in Livermore for an in-person interview. We want to meet you, and we want you to be able to see the office and meet possible co-workers. If that goes well, we’ll do some assessments and a second in-person interview.

The number three is white on a yellow background

You say “yes!”
If we both feel like it’s a good fit and your references check out, we’ll offer you the position. There’s some paperwork to complete, but we’ll want to start training you as soon as possible.

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