Are you, or someone you know, looking for a new career?

The alarm wakes you up, and you’re filled with dread. Ugh! Not another day being underpaid, unvalued, and overworked. You think about how many Americans are leaving bad jobs as part of “The Great Resignation” and consider joining them.
But what else would you do? Are there actually jobs where you can earn a good living and be part of a healthy, high-performing team? Is there a company with supportive bosses, manageable to-do lists, and kind customers? Is work-life balance a real possibility with a full-time job? Can you switch careers and get an excellent job without previous industry experience?
Our answer here at Barnett Plumbing and Water Heaters is “Yes!” Our team helps homeowners fix (or prevent) plumbing problems. Working at Barnett Plumbing allows you to be a superhero with a wrench or the calm, friendly voice on the phone, assuring the customer that expert help is on the way. And you don’t have to have any plumbing experience to work at Barnett. We’ll provide all the training and support you need to be successful.
You can have a meaningful career in a company where your skills are valued and respected. Instead of mindlessly going through the motions, you know you make a difference. You aren’t just working; you are restoring home peace and safety daily.
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Is the Plumbing Industry a Good One?

If you are looking for a stable career, the plumbing industry is essential work that is always in demand. It is expected to grow exponentially over the next five years. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in student loans to become a trusted technician or customer service representative. If you have a GED or high school diploma and are willing to learn, we can provide the on-the-job training you need to succeed. We also prioritize personal and professional development so you have all the tools necessary to reach your full potential.
Another perk of working in the plumbing industry is that you won’t ever find yourself doing a mindless, thankless job. Plumbing problems are stressful for homeowners. When you arrive at someone’s home to restore peace and safety, you save the day. No two situations are exactly alike, but thanks to your quick thinking and excellent problem-solving skills, you always find a way to get the job done. Although getting a paycheck is great, the look of genuine gratitude on the customer’s face reminds you daily that your work matters.

A Typical Day at Barnett

It takes more than just plumbers to provide a seamless experience for our customers and team. Each call is answered by one of our empathetic customer service representatives who calmly listens to the customer’s problem and then clearly communicates with them and the correct technician about how and when we will solve it.

Next, our trained plumbers or water heater technicians pull up in one of our fully stocked big yellow trucks to stop plumbing issues from raining on our customer’s day. They perform the necessary repairs or installations while providing excellent customer service. We are trusted and known in the Tri-Valley area because our team comprises friendly, follow-through pros like you — people who know the importance of hard work and the power of a job well done.
When you encounter a challenging situation, you’re never alone in figuring it out. The leadership team and I are always happy to lend a hand or will help you problem-solve until we come up with a solution. We also know amazing ideas come from everywhere. Our team is designed to take everyone’s innovative ideas seriously and work together to implement them. We aren’t here to tell you what to do. We all work together to figure out how to do it best.
Work that matters and a supportive team that values your input as much as your work abilities aren’t the only benefits of joining the Barnett team.

The Benefits of Working at Barnett

Family matters, and we want to ensure you have plenty of time to spend with yours. That’s why we don’t work on weekends or holidays. You deserve to live a healthy, happy life on and off the job.

Our comprehensive health plan even includes chiropractic care so that you stay physically healthy. We want to give you the best so you can do your best.

Other benefits include dental, vision, 401k with company match, PTO, 7 paid holidays, parental leave, and an employee care program that gives you 24/7 access to chaplains and counseling.

No one should dread going to work every day. You deserve a career and employer that’s positive, healthy, and brings out the best in you. So, I’m inviting you to join our team. We currently have openings for a customer service representative and water heater technicians.


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Here’s my personal promise to you: If you join our team at Barnett Plumbing & Water Heaters, you will enjoy your responsibilities, co-workers, company, and customers. It’s a challenge, but you’ll be appreciated, supported, and paid well. 

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Thanks for considering us as the next step in your career.