High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heaters

If you have a standard water heater, it isn’t that much different from the systems developed 150 years ago. Gas or electricity heats up a big tank full of water, 24 hours a day — even while you’re sleeping or away on vacation. You’re spending money and emitting CO2 to heat up water that for the most part you won’t use.
There’s a better way to heat water, save money, and be environmentally responsible: a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater.
High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heaters (also known as “Heat Pump Water Heaters”) work differently than a standard system. You can read more about how a heat pump water heater works, but a simple explanation is that these systems move heat from one place (the surrounding air) and consolidate it in another (the water) instead of generating heat directly. The heat pump is primary, but the system includes a back-up resistance heating element — that’s why they’re a “hybrid” system.
HIgh efficiency hybrids are a better way to heat water for sure, but their sticker price is higher. If installation of a standard tank system costs around $2,000, converting to a hybrid system can cost closer to $6,000.
However, if you have a standard tank-style water heater and you convert to a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater, you could qualify for as much as $4,000 in immediate rebates and ongoing energy savings every year.

Three Reasons to Switch to a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater

1. Immediate Cash Back in the Form of Rebatesaerotherm heat pump 1900
The conversion from a typical tank to a hybrid system costs around $6,000. However, there are currently $4,000* in rebates available to homeowners in the Tri-Valley area. This could make your cost to put in a new hybrid system essentially the same as a standard tank water heater.
Rebates are available whether your current system is gas or electric, though in differing amounts. Most of our customers receive at least $3,000 in rebates, but we can answer questions about what amount your home is eligible for when you call us at (925) 872-0805.
Are you thinking “I hate filling out rebate paperwork! It’s always complicated.”? You’ll be happy to know that we fill out all the paperwork for you. We took something complicated and made it easy!
2. Ongoing Savings
Once installed, a hybrid system operates at a lower cost than a standard system.
For example: A Tri-Valley family of 4 that replaces a natural gas water heater can expect to see annual savings of $180.
A family switching from an electric water heater could save up to  2,960 kWh/year. Since Tri-Valley electric rates are higher than the national average, a hybrid system will really decrease your monthly bill!
Since hybrid systems last an average of 10 years, you’ve got a long time to experience those monthly savings on your utility bills.
Bonus: If you have solar power as part of your home’s energy profile, it can be connected to your hybrid water heater. The heat pump plus solar would reduce your monthly utility costs even further.
3. Environmental Benefits
So many environmental problems seem large and out of our control. However, switching your water heater is a remarkably easy step you can take. Heating water accounts for 20% of the energy consumed by U.S. households — more than cooking and refrigeration combined.
Because most of the heating in a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater is accomplished by the heat pump — without relying solely on natural gas or electricity — these systems can be two to four times more energy efficient than your current standard system.
Switching from a gas-powered system eliminates the pollution caused by burning non-renewable fossil fuels. Switching from an all electric system reduces your daily draw on the power grid, helping to keep it stable and prices in check.
The clean air and climate-change mitigation properties of High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heaters are significant. Every system installed improves the environment today and gets California closer to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

When you should make the switch

You don’t have to wait until your current water heater system fails to make the switch to a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater. In fact, we’d encourage you not to wait for a failure.
Switching to a high-efficiency system now means you can:

  • Take advantage of the current rebates 
  • Start saving every month on your utility bill
  • Emit less CO2 and decrease your use of non-renewable energy
  • Experience less inconvenience while the conversion is made. Converting from a standard system to a hybrid system does include some one-time adjustments to your supply lines and venting. We handle all of these steps as part of your installation. But it’s not always a same-day job. We have an efficient process to make it all happen, but it’s less disruptive to plan the switch in advance than it is to wait until you’re unexpectedly without hot water and our teams are busy with pre-scheduled work.

We make upgrading to a High Efficiency Hybrid Water Heater easy

1. Call (925) 872-0805 and talk with us. You’ve probably got questions about the system, the rebates, and scheduling. My team is ready to answer them for you.
2. Schedule your installation. We’ve got a process for assessing your setup and installing the system. We even fill out all of the rebate paperwork for you!  We’ve made it easy for you to switch.
3. Start saving money every month. Open your next utility bill and enjoy paying less — while also enjoying your hot water and helping the planet. Win, win, win!
It’s easy to get started. Give us a call at (925) 872-0805.
Here’s my personal promise to you: When you call or schedule an on-site estimate, there will be no pressure. No obligation. We will not sell you a water heater you don’t need or want.
Thanks for letting us be your trusted plumber.