If your old water heater isn’t keeping up with your home’s needs, it’s time to consider a replacement. There are several excellent options, including tankless water heaters and hybrid water heater systems.

A tankless system produces hot water on demand, while a hybrid system stores hot water that’s warmed using an energy-efficient heat pump. Before deciding which system is right for you, it’s important to understand the differences and advantages of one over the other.

Are Hybrid Water Heaters More Efficient Than Tankless?

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than traditional storage tank water heaters, but heat pump water heaters are the most efficient of all three.

Using heat pump technology, hybrid water heaters use heat in the air or ground to heat your water. This type of heating is exceptionally efficient, making it superior to tankless water heaters that generate heat using electricity or gas.

Do Hybrid Water Heaters Run Out of Hot Water Faster?

One of the main selling points of tankless water heaters is that they produce hot water on demand. That means you’ll never be surprised by a stream of cold water because the hot water ran out. Hybrid systems, on the other hand, use a storage tank, so there’s a finite amount of hot water available at any given time.

If you exhaust that supply, hybrid systems have a backup electrical system that can produce hot water quickly, but not as quickly as a tankless system. If your hybrid water heater is properly sized for your home’s needs, however, this shouldn’t be a common issue.

Gas or Electric: Which Water Heater Fuel Source Is Better?

In many areas, natural gas is more reliable and affordable as a fuel source for your home’s heating needs. Electric systems are generally safer and cleaner, but if your water heater is powered by electricity, it won’t be operable during a power outage.

Tankless water heaters offer both gas and electric systems, although your home will need to have a natural gas line for that to be a viable option. Hybrid water heaters use heat pumps with electric backup heating. They use so little electricity that the difference in cost when compared to a gas tankless system is insignificant. In this respect, hybrid water heaters have an edge on both natural gas and electric systems.

How Much Space Will My New Water Heater Take Up?

If space in your home is limited, a tankless water heater is a better option for you, as it can be installed in the wall using minimal real estate. Hybrid systems, on the other hand, have two heating systems and thus take up significantly more room.

Cost Comparison Between Tankless & Hybrid Water Heaters

The cost of installing a tankless water heater is anywhere from 50% to 100% more than that of installing a traditional water heater.

Although hybrid systems are more expensive than traditional storage tank installations, California is offering rebates to homeowners to upgrade to hybrid systems because of their increased energy efficiency. With this rebate, the installation is comparable to a traditional system, making heat pump water heaters a better investment.

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